15 Best B2B SaaS Video Production Agencies in 2023 - Pricing, Examples, and Reviews

If you own a business, you’ve definitely been told to get on YouTube and TikTok to get your name out there. In fact, your competition probably got a nice boost in sales thanks to their own video marketing strategy. 

But here’s the kicker:

Video marketing is hard.

To produce a high-quality video for your business, you need to invest a lot of time, energy, and of course, money. It's an entire process.

You need to work on a script with a writer, create storyboards with your editors, figure out lighting, set up the cameras, make sure the audio is clean, design graphics, etc. 

And you have to do this every week. Possibly every day.

Suddenly, video marketing doesn’t sound like a good idea anymore.

But not all hope is lost. 

There’s one solution that will help you get quality video content for your business without even needing to buy a camera: outsourcing to a B2B SaaS video production agency. 

But how can an agency help? More importantly, how do you know which agency to pick? We’ll help you with that.

2024 Update: We turned this article into a video and updated some of the information regardign pricing. If you want to watch this article instead of reading, you can find it linked bellow.

Why 2023 is the right time to kickstart video production for your SaaS? 🗓️

If you have yet to decide whether you want to invest in video production for your SaaS, take this as a sign.

Hubspot predicts that short-form videos will be the biggest marketing trend in 2023. According to their report, 21% of marketers are already planning on trying out short-form video content for the first time in 2023.

The same report points out that YouTube will experience the most growth in 2023, specifying that 29% of marketers plan on leveraging the platform’s benefits this year.

Insider Intelligence anticipates that TikTok will also continue to grow its user base, as it is projected to reach over 830 million users in 2023.

Instagram, notorious for actively shifting towards video content, is expected to reach 2.5 billion users this year, according to Statusbrew.

So if you want to avoid stiff competition and a possible over-saturation of the market, now is the time to get on board.

Video content is rising in popularity because people are demanding it. 

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey from 2022, 73% of respondents said that they prefer to learn about a service by watching short videos instead of reading text-based posts.

And there’s a good psychological explanation for this.

Video allows us to retain 95% of the information we consume, as opposed to the 10% we retain from text. And since the average attention span is decreasing more and more, you want to make sure you’re giving out as much information as you can in the shortest time possible. 

Videos can do that.

With this kind of data, there isn’t any good reason why you shouldn’t get into video marketing in 2023. 

They say all roads lead to Rome. We say all good video content leads to better sales.

What to consider when onboarding a new video agency? 👩🏫

Just like marriage, video marketing is a long-term commitment, so you want to make sure that the video production agency is your soulmate. You want to be able to collaborate with them for months, if not years, and confidently rely on their hard work and strong business ethics.

There are 6 questions you should answer before signing a contract with a B2B SaaS video production agency:

  1. How quickly can the agency finish a video?

Knowing how long it takes for the agency to finish a video helps you work out a realistic schedule. Remember, the key to video marketing is consistency, so you want to trust your agency that they can deliver the video at the time they promised. 

At the same time, don’t expect a video to be done in a day or a couple of hours—not if you want it to be good. Quality videos take time to produce, so make sure to set reasonable expectations. 

  1. What’s the price?

Everyone has a different budget that they can work with and yours matters just as much as the rest. You want to be sure that you get your money’s worth.

  1. What do the reviews say?

Reviews are more often than not more reliable than whatever the agency’s website says.

See what their previous clients have to say on trusted review sites like Product Hunt or Clutch. If you can, try to ask people you know if they heard anything positive or negative about the agency. 

  1. Are they the right fit in terms of design?

Video production agencies are not one-size-fits-all. Otherwise, there would only be one agency in the world where every single client on the globe goes to.

While every agency will do its best to cater to your specific needs, their videos will nevertheless have a distinct style and design that can be noticed in all their projects. See if it matches yours.

  1. Who have they worked with before?

Did they work with SaaS or e-commerce businesses? Were they mid-sized or large-sized companies? 

Knowing whether the agency has worked with businesses similar to yours gives you a better idea of what to expect from their videos. 

  1. Do I like their work?

This is probably the most important question of all. None of the ones above would be worth thinking about if you don’t like an agency’s work.

They can have the best price, the best deal, and the best team—but if you feel like you don’t vibe with their work, you’ll never be satisfied with the results. Take some time to look at their portfolio and decide how you feel about it.

How we picked the best B2B SaaS video production companies ✍️

When looking for the best B2B SaaS video production agencies to include in our list, we paid attention to the following:

Our criteria are based on the 6 questions enumerated in the previous section that we deem necessary to answer before picking the best agency to work with. 

The companies listed are in no particular order, as each one specializes in different areas and does different things for different prices.

The 15 Best B2B SaaS Video Production Companies 🎞️

1. Videodeck - B2B SaaS video production agency

What makes Videodeck special? 

Videodeck delivers high-quality SaaS videos done by a professional crew and talented actors. We film and edit explainer videos, tutorial videos, product demos, community videos, FAQs, and more.

The process is super simple and blazing fast! All you have to do is send us a script and our team will take over from there.

Not sure how to write a script? Don’t sweat it. 

We have multiple video script templates you can download for free

And if you’re still unsure about it, we will write it for you!

The best part? You will get your finished video in less than 10 business days. 

How much does Videodeck charge? 

There are 3 packages you can choose from, depending on how many videos you need. Prices range from $3,000 to $19,000. 

We also offer an enterprise package, which includes YouTube management, distribution strategy, and a content plan. Let us know your needs and we’ll set up a price that works for everyone.

Videodeck SaaS video examples

Below you will find two examples of the type of videos we do here at Videodeck. 

Check out our tutorial video and community video:

Videodeck reviews 

But hey, don’t take our word for it! Check out some of our client reviews:

“I’m incredibly happy with Videodeck’s work.

‍They helped write the script, set the

stage to fit our brand identity and delivered the video in four days from sending the script. Above and beyond.”

Andrei Temneanu

CMO @NookaSpace

“The value/price makes this an absolute steal! ‍

Working with Videodeck was an obvious decision for us when the minimum quote we've got from other agencies was $5k/video. Our video got 25k views.”


CMO @TeleportHQ

“Helena and her production team is the best! Totally recommend!”

Harold Bell

Director of Content Marketing

Who is Videodeck for?

Videodeck is perfect for software companies that want to produce how-to videos, explainer videos, and demo videos for their products as well as grow their YouTube presence.

Some clients we’ve previously worked with include Monograph, Engen, Teleport, and Airfocus.

2. Testimonial Hero - World-class B2B testimonial videos

What makes Testimonial Hero special? 

As the name suggests, Testimonial Hero specializes in B2B testimonial videos. They create customer and employee testimonials that can be filmed on-site or remotely

How much does Testimonial Hero charge? 

There are 3 packages available for on-site and remote testimonials. Depending on how many people you want to interview and how many videos you need, prices can range from $6,752 to $44,544.

You also have the option to choose a custom package

Testimonial Hero SaaS video examples

Testimonial Hero has tons of on-site and remote testimonial examples on their website:

Testimonial Hero reviews 

See what everyone else has to say about Testimonial Hero:

“Bringing Testimonial Hero on board at my company has been one of the best decisions I've made in my role. The entire company, especially our sales team, has seen great success using these videos to share what our company can do and how we help current customers.”

Danielle Aihini

Marketing Campaign Manager @Robin

“We were blown away with the final product and the minimal amount of work it took on our end. This has helped further validate our position in the market—the content we're producing has a direct, positive impact on our demand generation efforts and reputation in our space.”

Marcus LaRobardiere

Director of Marketing @NewStore

Who is Testimonial Hero for?

B2B companies looking for stunning testimonial videos that will help them close deals faster and sell easier will find a package they like.

Testimonial Hero’s impressive list of clients includes Google, UiPath, HubSpot, and InsightSquared.

3.  Explain Ninja - Creative 2D animated explainer videos

What makes Explain Ninja special? 

Explain Ninja specializes in 2D animated explainer videos. They are highly engaging and colorful, and the animations are absolutely seamless. 

How much does Explain Ninja charge? 

Explain Ninja offers a total of 5 different packages, each one with more and more perks. 

Explain Ninja SaaS video examples

Explain Ninja has video examples for each of their 5 packages on their website:

Explain Ninja reviews 

Check out what others have to say about Explain Ninja:

“The videos continually exceed expectations and help support customer engagements. Explain Ninja’s transparency and clear communication have enabled a lasting partnership.”

Andrew Thompson

Digital Marketing Manager

Who is Explain Ninja for?

Explain Ninja’s services are ideal for businesses looking to break the digital space and engage with their customers through creative explainer videos.

Some of Explain Ninja’s most notable clients include Google, Pipedrive, Atlassian, Bolt, and more.

4. Umault - High-production commercials

What makes Umault special? 

Umault creates high-quality and engaging B2B video ads that you can confidently include in your marketing strategy. 

How much does Umault charge? 

Umault’s prices are highly dependent on each client’s specific needs. The best way to find out how much they charge is by scheduling a call.

Umault SaaS video examples

Check out what Umault can do:

Umault reviews 

See how others liked Umault:

“The ad we made with Umault is now the #1 most viewed video on the Deloitte YouTube channel by a long shot, with over 420K views. It’s a great use of highbrow humor.”

Matt Lennert @Deloitte

“The final piece had such a mainstream appeal even for non-buyers. ‘We the customers’ is our #1 top performing Enterprise video with respect to view rates, it has nearly 70% greater performance than our next best performing video.”

Jonathon Dreyer @Nuance

Who is Umault for?

Umault’s services are perfect for B2B companies looking to ditch boring corporate videos and insert quality and creativity into their video ads.

Umault have previously worked with Samsung, Deloitte, and Dell Technologies.

5. Thinkmojo - All-inclusive video production

What makes Thinkmojo special? 

Thinkmojo has over a decade of experience in shooting, editing, and producing animated and live-action product videos, demo videos, TV ads, and more for some of the biggest brands out there.

How much does Thinkmojo charge? 

Thinkmojo’s prices vary depending on their client's needs and wants. The easiest way to find out how much they charge is to get in contact with them.

Thinkmojo SaaS video examples

Check out one of the many videos that Thinkmojo made for Slack:

Thinkmojo reviews 

See what Slack had to say about their work:

“It’s been exciting to see the view count grow while audience retention remains high throughout the video.”

Mari Ju  

Growth Marketing @Slack

Who is Thinkmojo for?

From startups to big brands, Thinkmojo is a great choice for any business that wishes to get unique, creative videos while also growing their marketing campaigns.

Besides Slack, Thinkmojo have made videos for LinkedIn, Discord, Salesforce, Waldo, OpenSea, and more.

6. House of Groms - Creative, engaging commercials

What makes House of Groms special? 

The team at House of Groms not only works on video production but also takes care of design, branding, as well as podcast production.

How much does House of Groms charge? 

The prices of House of Groms’s services vary depending on each client’s needs. 

House of Groms SaaS video examples

Discover House of Groms’s work:

Embed video:

House of Groms reviews 

Learn what others have to say about working with House of Groms:

“Being a client of KJT so far has been great, as a smaller business we really needed a media company that provided a more tailored unique proposal which shared the companies vision when it came to all things media.”

Richard Voise @CRYPTOSPEND

Who is House of Groms for?

House of Groms is perfect for companies looking to extend their reach beyond just video advertising.

Some of their most notable clients include Spotify, Converse, and Tourism Australia.

7. 800 Kamerman - Award-winning commercials

What makes 800 Kamerman special? 

800 Kamerman is an Emmy-award-winning video production agency that’s been around for over 25 years in branded content, television, and digital content creation.

They also allow you to rent out their studio, lighting equipment, and grip truck so you can film your own videos the way you desire.

How much does 800 Kamerman charge? 

You can learn about 800 Kamerman’s rates by contacting them directly. 

800 Kamerman SaaS video examples

800 Kamerman’s impressive portfolio can be found on their website:

800 Kamerman reviews 

As it is such a big video production company, you don’t have to dig a lot to find reviews. You can visit their social media pages such as Facebook to see what clients and employees have to say about their work.

Who is 800 Kamerman for?

800 Kamerman is a great choice for any company looking to elevate their ideas into high-production commercials that may or may not win an Emmy, too.

Their groundbreaking work has earned the trust of Intel, National Geographic, HBO, Bosch, and more.

8. Explainify - “Frustration-free” animated explainer videos

What makes Explainify special? 

Explainify is dedicated to creating animated explainer videos through their “frustration-free” process for sales, marketing ,and training purposes.

How much does Explainify charge? 

Explainify offers a total of 3 packages. All of them include high-quality animations, it’s just the complexity that varies. 

Explainify SaaS video examples

Explainify has a ton of experience in creating SaaS explainer videos. Their website has a whole menu dedicated to this specific category.

Explainify reviews 

Many of Explainify’s clients were utterly impressed with their work:

“The video drove many conversations… and received many compliments from our clients… it was like we have been working together for years.“

Phil Alves

CEO @DevSquad

“The quality of the final video was outstanding. I’m really happy with the result, the service, and our overall client experience.“

Sam Shepler

Founder and CEO @Testimonial Hero

Who is Explainify for?

If you’re a B2B company looking for creative, engaging, and easily digestible explainer videos that you can direct your clients to, Explainify is perfect for you.

They’ve previously worked with Demandbase, Panasonic Linkray, Lightsense Technologies, as well as Testimonial Hero.

9. Vidico - Live-action and animated videos

What makes Vidico special? 

Vidico creates animated explainer videos, walkthrough videos, and app videos. They also make live-action case study videos, crowdfunding videos, corporate videos, brand videos, and more.

How much does Vidico charge? 

To get a better idea of how much your project costs, Vidico has an 8-question quiz on their website that you can fill out and get an accurate estimation of your price range.

Vidico SaaS video examples

Vidico has an entire page on their website dedicated to the work they’ve done for software companies. 

Embed video:

Vidico reviews 

Vidico’s clients are pleased with their work:

“The Vidico team exceeded our expectations. They were excellent listeners - not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.”

Shonal Narayan

Marketing Manager @Everstring

“Very professional service with quick turnaround times to meet deadlines. Happy with the results.”

Jimmy Nguyen

BO Operations Manager @Samsung

Who is Vidico for?

Vidico is great for startups, e-commerce businesses, tech companies, and enterprises that want to elevate their video marketing strategy with unique, creative, and engaging animated or live-action videos.

Vidico’s long list of previous clients includes Spotify, Vimeo, Airtable, and Square

10. Kartoffel Films - Video production company, animation studio, and video content agency

What makes Kartoffel Films special? 

Based in London, Kartoffel Films offers start-to-end video and animation content in various industries including healthcare, corporate tech, education, training, charity, and more. 

How much does Kartoffel Films charge? 

Kartoffel Films’s prices are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Kartoffel Films SaaS video examples

You can find a ton of examples of Kartoffel Films’s work on their website and YouTube:

Kartoffel Films reviews 

See what everyone else has to say about Kartoffel Films on Clutch:

"Kartoffel Films was very easy to work with and responsive to any of our requests."

Kathryn Paradis

Associate Director of Private Patients @RB&HH

“They dove into the work, and we can rely on the consistent quality of their end products.”

Joe Przybylski

Creative Director @University Business School

Who is Kartoffel Films for?

Kartoffel Films is the ideal match for companies looking to elevate their video content and improve their video marketing strategy no matter what industry they are in.

Some of the agency’s most notable clients include Salesforce, Saint George’s University of London, the University of Cambridge, Paddle, and Virgin Atlantic.

11. Lemonlight - On-demand video production

What makes Lemonlight special? 

Lemonlight offers on-demand video production services worldwide. They make video ads, product videos, crowdfunding videos, testimonial videos, tutorial videos, and more.

How much does Lemonlight charge? 

Lemonlight’s pricing can be discussed once you schedule a call with the company.

Lemonlight SaaS video examples

On Lemonlight’s website, you can use the filter to find the videos they made for software and tech companies.

Lemonlight reviews 

Check out what Lemonlight’s clients have to say:

“Extremely satisfied with the quality of the videos, the affordable cost from start to finish, the ease of the production process, and their patience with our feedback.”

Stephanie Mansolino

Vice President of Marketing @Scale Matrix

“The edits were quick and our final videos came out great. I would definitely recommend this group and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Brontë Mitchell

Marketing Director @Payment Cloud

Who is Lemonlight for?

Lemonlight is for any company that wants to expand their video capabilities to reach new audiences no matter the industry they’re in.

Lemonlight have previously worked with Facebook, Hitachi, Uber, Trip Advisor, and more.

12. Demo Duck - Supremely blending animation with live-action

What makes Demo Duck special? 

Demo Duck specializes in 2D and 3D animated and live-action explainer videos. They also make educational videos, customer testimonials, commercials, video series, and more.

How much does Demo Duck charge? 

You can learn more about Demo Duck’s pricing by contacting the company directly.

Demo Duck SaaS video examples

You can find all of Demo Duck’s work on their website, including behind-the-scenes snippets.

Demo Duck reviews 

Check out some reviews of Demo Duck from Clutch:

“Their creative, storytelling, and animation skills set them apart from other providers.”

Jon Pavoni

CEO @Spoke Services

“Demo Duck’s structured methodology is one of their core advantages.”

Michael Calev

Director of Strategy @Perception Point

Who is Demo Duck for?

Demo Duck is perfect for startups, NGOs, educational institutions, and healthcare companies looking for creative and engaging video content.

They’ve worked with Netflix, Showpad, Wheels for Wishes, and Dropbox, among others.

13. Yum Yum Videos - “Out-of-the-box” explainer videos

What makes Yum Yum Videos special? 

Although they specialize in animated explainer videos, Yum Yum Videos also makes product videos, social media videos, whiteboard videos, and educational videos, among others. 

How much does Yum Yum Videos charge? 

Yum Yum Videos’ pricing depends on each client’s needs and wants, so the best way to learn about them is by contacting the company.

Yum Yum Videos SaaS video examples

You can find some great Saas video examples from Yum Yum Videos on their YouTube channel:

Yum Yum Videos reviews 

The company has a whole page on their website filled with video testimonials from their clients:

Who is Yum Yum Videos for?

Their services are ideal for any company from any industry looking to include engaging, creative, yet easily digestible explainer videos in their marketing plan.

Yum Yum Videos have previously worked with Huawei, Walmart, American Express, and Vodafone.

14. Pigeon Studio

What makes Pigeon Studio special? 

Pigeon Studio makes unique 2D and 3D animated explainer videos, tutorial videos, training videos, and marketing videos for various industries including medical, non-profit, and business.

How much does Pigeon Studio charge? 

Direct consultation with Pigeon Studio is the best way to learn about their prices.

Pigeon Studio SaaS video examples

Whether you are interested in B2B or SaaS video examples, you can select the ones you’d like to see on the company’s website:

Pigeon Studio reviews 

Pigeon Studio has impressive reviews on Clutch:

"They did a good job explaining the purpose of each stage during the proposal phase."

Emily Jones

Customer Care Manager @GQueues

"Their flexibility to navigate back and forth in every stage when some hiccups happened was second to none."

Felipe Magalhães

International Marketing Manager, North Data GmbH

Who is Pigeon Studio for?

B2B companies, B2C companies, NGOs, startups, software companies, and corporations will love what they find at Pigeon Studio.

They’ve worked with clients such as InfinitumX, GQueues, and Canpack.

15. NinjaPromo

What makes NinjaPromo special? 

Besides handling video production and marketing, NinjaPromo also takes care of all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, including SEO, paid media, website development, branding, and more.

How much does NinjaPromo charge? 

NinjaPromo’s prices can be discussed individually with each client.

NinjaPromo SaaS video examples

Ninja Promo has all kinds of SaaS video examples on a dedicated webpage that you can find on their website:

NinjaPromo reviews 

Previous clients have good things to say about NinjaPromo:

“A data-driven partner, NinjaPromo has taken the time to examine the client’s branding, messaging, and positioning to develop strategies and content that match and provide valuable insights to further help them grow their business.”

Yury Rasolka

Clief Marketing Officer @Innowise

Who is NinjaPromo for?

From B2B and SaaS companies to small businesses and corporations, NinjaPromo can help anyone out at any stage of their marketing.

They’ve worked with Diversify, Fantom, SWYE360, and more.

Wrapping It Up 🎁

Finding the best video production agency for your video marketing endeavors takes diligent research and lots of thinking. 

But once you’ve found the perfect match, you’re looking at a bright happily ever after.

If you want to learn more about B2B SaaS video marketing, the type of content that is winning, and what brands are crushing the SaaS video marketing game, check out our article on the rise of B2B SaaS video marketing!

And if you’re looking for a reliable video production agency that meets your needs in record time, schedule a free consultation with us!

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