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What is Videodeck?

We are a better way to outsource video production. We  help software companies produce videos at scale.

We are a team of videographers, actors and social media marketers here to produce your videos in a top of the line studio.
Our services

Every B2B company should be a media company. Let’s make it happen together. 

Features spotlight video series
Bingeable YouTube videos
Clear support videos
 FOMO-inducing product demos
Community building announcement videos
YouTube growth strategy
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Best video agency
I've worked with.
No kidding.
"There’s really not much more you can ask for for a video production agency in terms of knocking it out of the park on those three factors.
Videodeck makes sure that it's exactly how you want it—all at a killer price point and fast delivery."
Nathan Malone
PMM @Monograph
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I’m incredibly happy with Videodeck’s work.

They helped write the script, set the
stage to fit our brand identity and delivered the video in four days from sending the script. Above and beyond.

Andrei Temneanu
CMO @NookaSpace
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The videos are
freaking amazing!

Our team at DailyBot is extremely happy with how great professional these videos turned out and we would definitely work with your team again.

David Bernal
Growth Marketing Manager @DailyBot
image of man for testimonial section for a saas video agency

The value/price makes this an absolute steal!

Working with Videodeck was an obvious decision for us when the minimum quote we've got from other agencies was $5k/video. Our video got 75k views.

CMO @TeleportHQ
Our Work

We fulfil your company’s video needs, from every angle.

Our process

How the magic happens


Customize the set.

Choose one of the 1000s of set combinations or get something completely bespoke.


Choose your spokesperson.

7+ actors you can choose from. We are constantly adding new options for you.


Prepare relevant assets.

Send us your brand kit and all the relevant assets that will help us in the post production process.


Find the words.

Send us a script or we’ll help you write one. We have tons of templates to help you create a compelling script.


Ready, set, action! ✨

We shoot, edit, and send you the video in under 10 business days or sooner.

Grow with video

Don't leave growth on the table!

In the B2B world, everyone has a blog and ebooks, but 👏 video 👏 is 👏 untapped. 


Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

Can I design my own set?
Yes, but within the limits of the available props. Before we shoot the video, we send you a few set ideas that you can choose from. For enterprise clients, we can design a set that’s completely bespoke and exclusive to that client.
Are the videos created by AI?
Videodeck does NOT use any AI software to generate the person speaking or at any step in the production. The video that you get is 100% created by actors, award-winning videographers, professional editors, and graphic designers. Each video goes through the hands of at least 5 professionals to make sure that the product you're getting is a stunning video with amazing visuals, sound design, crisp videography, and picture-perfect editing.
Do you do discounts for larger volumes?
We do; ordering our biggest package of 10 videos gives you 1500$ off on each video, Youtube optimised thumbnails and 10 shorts-style videos that you can use on social and free branded props across all 10 videos.
What kind of videos do you produce?
Product demo videos, how-to videos, support videos (we can turn your support knowledge base into videos), explainer videos(turning blog articles into videos), sales videos, client onboarding videos, employee onboarding explainer videos, and walkthrough videos.
What kind of videos do you not produce?
Animation videos, movies, high-production commercials, and physical product videos. We don’t produce any kind of videos that require shooting outside of the studio.

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