Turn your hour-long webinars into impactful short-form videos.

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How the magic happens

Your webinars are content goldmines we just bring the best parts forward
1 long video - 10 viral clips


Untapped video content with amazing distribution and growth potential.


Dynamic videos lighting up your engagement on LinkedIn, Instagram, and beyond.

This is how it works

Just send us your raw footage and watch as we turn it into a series of short, dynamic videos. From Monday to Thursday, we'll get a new video ready so you always get fresh content straight to your inbox

Receive three content ideas based on existing webinars
Our team of designs and editors will work on them
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Our team uploads all the footage to your social channels.
Rinse & Repeat

Videos that 10x the value of your recording

Videos brought to life by our expert editors, designers and animators. 100% done from a simple webinar/podcast recording in under 5 days.

Attention spans are short. We make it snappy


of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service.


of marketers repurpose their content

Short-form video will see the most growth among different marketing strategies in 2023

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"There’s really not much more you can ask for for a video production agency in terms of knocking it out of the park on those three factors. Videodeck makes sure that it's exactly how you want it—all at a killer price point and fast delivery."

Nathan Malone
PMM @Monograph

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Working with Videodeck was an obvious decision for us when the minimum quote we've got from other agencies was $5k/video. Our video got 75k views.

CMO @TeleportHQ

The videos are
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Our team at DailyBot is extremely happy with how great professional these videos turned out and we would definitely work with your team again.

David Bernal
Growth Marketing Manager @DailyBot

Simple Pricing

Predictable costs and clear deliverables. No minimum or long-term commitment,
pause or cancel anytime. We got you covered.

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4 shorts per month based on existing webinars and video content.



8 shorts per month based on existing webinars and video content.


Done for you posting

No time for posting? We got you covered


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Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn't asnwer your question, Send any questions to hey@videodeck.co or jump on a quick call with us.

Can any webinar be converted into a short-form video?

We can do any type of long-form video. Educational video content, long interviews, customer stories and any other videos that are longer and could be turned into engaging shorts.

What's the average length of the short videos you create?

Each video is up to 1 minute long if you plan on posting it on YouTube shorts and up to 90 seconds if you plan on posting it to Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and so on.

Are the videos optimized for specific platforms?

We deliver the videos in a format suitable to any of the social media platforms you plan on sharing them to. So you can share them as vertical reels on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and also as landscape videos that you can share on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

What quality does the original webinar need to be in?

It would be best if you have the videos for each participant in high-definition but we can work with any type of footage. We do enhance the quality of video and audio as much as we can with the commercial tools available.

Do we get the source files in case we want to make edits later on?

We typically don’t send source files, but we can make exceptions. We, of course can do edits to the video if you’d like something changed.

Will the repurposed videos maintain a consistent brand image?

Yes, we can stay true to your brand kit and create visuals using your existing design style and guidelines.