Best ‘Explainer Video’ Production Companies in 2024 — Animations, Product Videos, and More

There’s nothing worse than spending tens of thousands of dollars for ‘high-quality’ video production only to alienate your audience and be forced to remove it for damage control.


So save yourself time, headaches, and money in the long run by picking the right production company for your explainer videos.

After all, relying on the wrong experts won't have a positive impact on your bottom line!

With 2024 shaping up, we've analysed hundreds of industry professionals and narrowed down our list of top companies.

Whether you are looking for a 2D animation, a product demo for your Saas company, or anything else to help explain what your business does, these companies will get you there.

Updated for 2024 - updated pricing, services and minor edits. You can also watch this video where we cover the best explainer video production companies in 2024:

Start by deciding on the right type of explainer video

There are many different types of explainer videos:

1. 2D animated explainer videos

  • Simple 2D cartoonish explainer videos.
  • The most commonly used animation type, especially by startups.
  • Often used to portray interactions between the target audience and the company across all industries.

2. 3D animated explainer videos

  • Often used to showcase products from every angle, especially those that are still in development.
  • Far more expensive and professional than 2D animation.
  • Recommended when the goal is to show a high level of detail and accuracy. 

3. Spokesperson explainer video

  • Great for establishing credibility and authority. 
  • Often used to humanize and personalize the brand. 
  • Recommended when the goal is to persuade users and create a strong relationship between the brand and the target audience.
  • Suitable for all industries and niches.

4. Motion graphics explainer videos (2D and isometrics)

  • Focus on the text and geometric shapes (graphics), not characters.
  • Often used when explaining abstract concepts and SaaS products.
  • Recommended for app demos, corporate explainers, and finance graphs.

5. Whiteboard animation explainer videos

  • Good for companies on a tight budget.
  • Conveys a poor unprofessional user experience if the production is cheap. 
  • Recommended for presenting complex ideas in a simple manner, without unnecessary distractions.

6. Live action explainer videos

  • Features real people as characters.
  • Great when you really want to create a personal connection between the audience and the brand.
  • Recommended for people-first products/services, i.e. fitness and healthcare apps, HR departments, and team management SaaS.

7. Product explainer videos or tutorials

  • Created with a screen recording of the software, app, or website in use.
  • Great for showing users how to use the software.
  • Recommended for SaaS products.
  • Often cheaper than animation videos. 

If you are a SaaS company, here's a compregensive list of Saas video production agencies and companies to choose from in 2024.

Best explainer video companies by category for 2024

  1. Videodeck
  2. Explain Ninja
  3. Demo Duck
  4. Pigeon Studio
  5. Idea Rocket
  6. ThinkMojo
  7. Vidico

P.S. The companies aren’t listed in any particular order since each one of them specializes in a different type of explainer video production. 😃

1. Videodeck: Spokesperson explainer video production company

What makes us different?

We might be biased, but for a good reason.

The success of a spokesperson explainer video greatly depends on the actor’s experience and skill. They must have the right intonation, body language, and facial expression, and fit your brand image.

We currently have 7 actors you can choose from, and the team is constantly expanding. There are 1,000+ available sets, or we can customize a set for you.

If you have trouble creating the perfect script, we can write it for you — and the complete video can be delivered to you in just 10 days.

Check our spokesperson explainer video and see for yourself:

Besides explainer video production, we can handle all of your video marketing needs

  • Tutorial videos
  • Product demos
  • Community videos
  • FAQs
  • YouTube growth and strategy

Who we serve best? 

We specialize in video production for B2B SaaS companies in all growth stages

Some of our happy clients are Monograph, Engen, Teleport, and Airfocus.

In the B2B world, everyone has a blog and ebooks, but 👏 video 👏 is 👏 untapped. Video marketing is on the rise and we're here to help you fulfil your production and strategy needs.

Jump on a quick call with us and get ahead of the competition.

2. Explain Ninja: 2D animated explainer videos

What makes them different?

Explain Ninja has been specializing in animated video production since 2013.

Their animations are vibrant and colorful with distinct motion graphics elements.

They also offer multilingual voiceovers, complete music production, logo animation, and sound FX.

Embed video: 

Are you their ideal customer?

Explain Ninja works with companies, agencies, and startups across various industries: crypto & blockchain, finance, healthcare, marketing, real estate, eCommerce, fintech, and more. 

3. Demo Duck: Animated explainer videos

What makes them different?

Demo Duck specializes in Animation and Live Action video production

They were among the first companies to create explainer videos, which were known as demo videos back then — hence the Demo Duck name. 

Now they also create commercial videos, social media videos, internal communication videos, educational and customer testimonial videos. 

Are you their ideal customer?

Demo Duck now works with corporations and large brands, like Netflix, Google, and Dropbox.

Industries they serve are mainly healthcare, education, nonprofit, and corporate

4. Pigeon Studio: Motion design and animation explainer videos

What makes them different?

Pigeon Studio is known for its memorable and engaging cartoonish animation style. 

They often combine 2D animations with 3D product placements and motion graphics.

Embed video: 

Besides explainer videos, they can handle social media and commercial video production.

Are you their ideal customer?

Pigeon Studio serves both B2B and B2C customers in NGO, IT/SaaS, and startup industries.

We recommend you go with this option if you have an easygoing brand that doesn’t require a certain level of professionalism.

They aren’t the most affordable option on the list, but depending on your goals, it may be worth it. 

5. Idea Rocket: Whiteboard and animated explainer videos

What makes them different?

Whiteboard animations easily go awry and turn unprofessional — if you want whiteboard-animated explainers done right, go with Idea Rocket. 

They’ve been creating whiteboard videos for over a decade now, some of their clients being big names such as Deloitte, EA, and Venmo.

Are you their ideal customer?

Idea Rocket works with big and small companies, with a focus on HR, technology, and healthcare agencies.

They are a good fit if you have a complex product to market because translating complex matter in simple terms is their specialty. 

6. ThinkMojo: All-inclusive video production company

What makes them different?

ThinkMojo has been creating winning videos for tech companies since 2012.

They don’t specialize in explainer videos, but in video production of any kind: commercial, educational, personalized, and social video content.

Are you their ideal customer?

ThinkMojo serves mostly tech companies, from startups to Fortune 500. 

They are a great pick if you want to have an extensive video marketing campaign handled by one single company. 

The only drawback is their pricing.

7. Vidico - Animation and live-action explainer videos

What makes them different?

Vidico has served SaaS and eCommerce companies across all verticals for over five years, including tech giants like Samsung, Spotify, and Amazon.

They have custom solutions for startups and enterprises, both in B2B and B2C sectors.

Vidico specializes in animated (2D and 3D) and live-action videos. Besides explainer videos, they also create walkthroughs, product overview, crowdfunding, career, brand, and case study videos. 

Are you their ideal customer?

Vidico mostly works with SaaS and eCommerce startups and enterprises

You can get a pricing estimate by doing the quick quiz on their website.

Which explainer video production company is the right fit for you?

Let’s sum up everything!

👉 Choose Videodeck if you are a B2B SaaS that wants a professional spokesperson explainer video, how to videos or product demos with real actors.

👉 Choose Explain Ninja if you need a professional 2D animated explainer video.

👉 Choose Demo Duck if budget is not the problem and you want unique, intriguing animations.

👉 Choose Pigeon Studio if you want edgy cartoonish explainers.

👉 Choose Idea Rocket if you want high-quality whiteboard explainer videos.

👉 Choose ThinkMojo if you are a tech company with deep pockets and want one agency to handle all your video production needs.

👉 Choose Vidico if you are a SaaS or eCommerce brand that wants distinguished animated and live-action videos.

If you are considering a DIY approach but don’t know where to start, check our Video Script Templates kit — it has all you need to create top-notch explainer videos by yourself.

If you want to have a reliable video production company handle it all for you ASAP, schedule a free consultation with us

Here’s how to evaluate a video explainer production company 🎥

Video production cost

Does getting what you pay for apply to video agencies as well?


Unexperienced video production companies can produce videos that alienate your audience, fails to convey the message, and don’t retain users.

You don’t want that.

What’s the range for quality explainer videos?

Hard to pinpoint, but you shouldn’t spend less than $1,000 for a strategic high-quality explainer video.

We charge anywhere between $1000 and $2000+ for an explainer video. Now, we can do these pricing because we are what they call a "productised service".

It means that we do one type of video, we do it efficiently and the result is something that you will be proud of when you share it on your website/youtube. Oh and it won't break the bank.

Our pricing is also highly impacted by the number of videos you want to produce.

We like to create how to vidoes and educational videos at scale. So you can consider working with us if you want to scale content production for: 

  • How to videos
  • Product video tutorials
  • Educational videos on YouTube for attracting leads
  • Community vidoes
  • More

A typical agency will likely charge much more than this but usually the complexity of the work they do might be higher as well. So for an explainer video you might expect pricing raging from $5,000-$10,000+.

Cost depends on a few factors: 

  1. Length
  2. Complexity
  3. Agency experience and portfolio

Never cheap out, and here’s why:

  1. This is one of the first touchpoints a potential customer has with your brand.
  2. The messaging and brand narrative must be presented with the highest accuracy.
  3. You won’t be filming explainer videos often — a good explainer video can last you for years.
  4. Well-crafted explainers successfully differentiate you from competitors and have huge ROI.

Niche & Subject Matter Expertise

Look for agencies that specialise in your niche and type of explainer videos.

If you need a spokesperson explainer video, an animation studio isn’t going to fit the bill. 

Also, check if they specialise in video production, or if they’re stretched across various content formats. Most great companies specialize in 1-2 key areas.

This agency should also have a proven track record of delivering results in your niche.

Portfolio, Case Studies, Experience

Always check the explainer videos they created for past clients.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Do their videos fit the style and image you have envisioned?
  • Are there case studies that document the success of their videos? 
  • How long have they been on the market?
  • Are their processes transparent? If not, they are hiding something.

Be thorough with your research, the last thing you want to do is hire an agency that will outsource production to low-cost third parties.

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