Case Study: How TeleportHQ's got 400.000 organic views to a product video

Case study snapshot

Videos produced - 10+

Best video performance - 400.000 views and growing organically

Strategy used - turning written content into videos + engaging product videos

YouTube subscriber growth - Got to 5000 subscribers

Business impacts

  • YouTube is now in the top 5 sources of leads
  • Traffic from organic video has a two times higher engagement rate compared to other channels.
  • Developed an audience through video


TeleportHQ, a popular website builder, recognized the need to enhance its digital presence and reach new audiences. Prior to their collaboration with Videodeck, TeleportHQ faced challenges in creating high-quality video content due to the absence of a dedicated video editor. The goal was clear: to populate their YouTube channel with engaging product videos and elevate their brand's digital footprint.

The Challenge

TepelortHQ is a very visual tool, but most of the product content was in text format. The primary challenge for TeleportHQ was the lack of content on their YouTube channel and their lack of internal resources and know-how to create appealing product videos. 

Solution and Collaboration

Showcase the product’s value proposition quickly through easily discoverable product videos on YouTube.

Videodeck emerged as the ideal partner for TeleportHQ, offering a unique blend of video editing, voice recording, and actors with native American accents, an aspect crucial for TeleportHQ’s global outreach. Vi

deodeck's creative approach allowed TeleportHQ to transform its existing blog content into visually compelling videos. These videos enabled TelportHQ to showcase its product in a visual format. 

Key Achievements:

  • High-Volume Video Production: Turned existing blog content into a series of videos, scaling content production.
  • SEO and Ranking Success: Achieved high rankings on both Google and YouTube for relevant keywords.
  • YouTube as a Major Acquisition Channel: Established YouTube as one of their largest acquisition channels.
  • Significant Viewership: One video garnered 400k views organically, with the channel amassing over 500k+ views.
  • Growing Subscriber Base: Reached 5,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Testimonial from Calin Abaiesitei, Marketing Executive @TeleportHQ

What was it like before you worked with Videodeck?

Considering that TeleportHQ didn’t have a dedicated video editor it was impossible to create the level of videos that we managed to create after we started collaborating with Videodeck.

What problem were you trying to solve with our service?

Our main problem was a huge lack of content on our YouTube channel, one we wanted to fill with quality product videos in order to reach new audiences on a new channel. The videos that we got from Videodeck would eventually help us do just that, with one of the first videos reaching over 350k views in the first year.

What made Videodeck stand out from the other agencies?

One of the most appealing things about Videodeck was the fact that they provided both video editing, voice recording, and actors, something that we would not have been able to replicate in our team.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Creative. Multiple times we let them come up with the general look and feel of the videos without giving them much direction apart from a script and the general idea of the video. Based on that Videodeck made really cool edits, intros and outros that we greatly appreciated.

What was the outcome of our collaboration? Videos, views etc.

Our collaboration with Videodeck is still ongoing, although it has slowed down a bit on our end. The outcome was the creation of professional product videos for our platform as well as for new features and use cases.

How has TeleportHQ been impacted since starting to use our product or service?

With the new videos that we created with Videodeck, YouTube is now in the top 5 biggest sources of signups, with some of the highest rates of engagement during the first session.

How did being so discoverable through organic video searches help TeleportHQ grow?

The videos that we made with Videodeck helped the number of signups and sales that we got for sure, but they also helped increase the activation of our users because some of the videos were added inside the platform or on key landing pages.

On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend our product or service to others?

I would say 10 based on all the work they have done for us and the people they are working with. The editors are really good and creative, the voice actors are very talented and have flawless US English accents and the communication with Videodeck was extremely easy as well.

Is your team remote? How would you describe your day-to-day workflow since starting to use our product or service?

Yes, our team is completely remote, but so are most jobs nowadays. On days when we have videos planned, I would say our workflow revolves around getting a good recording and script to give to the team at Videodeck and then communicating with them via email any details that need to be done for that particular video. After getting a first draft from Videodeck, we may or may not request suggestions, but they are always prompt in making the edits we need.


TeleportHQ's collaboration with Videodeck marked a transformative phase in their content strategy. 

Videodeck's expertise in video production and storytelling enabled TeleportHQ to significantly expand their digital presence, making YouTube a pivotal channel for customer acquisition and engagement. 

The success story of TeleportHQ and Videodeck serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnership and innovative content creation in today's digital landscape.

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